Project Marketing

Welcome to Project Marketing - the Benadé Helman way. As with all aspects of our business, we do things a little differently, so naturally, we see a different result. We value the importance of target marketing and the role it plays in getting your development sold. In a tougher selling market, it has become even more crucial to position your project correctly, ensuring that the marketplace see as much value in your project as you do.

Let us take care of the marketing of your next development. From start to finish, we will guide you and assist you with a complete marketing package to ensure your development has the exposure it requires to get you the result you deserve. From creating a theme, to choosing a name, to positioning your product perfectly to the correct target audience, you can rest assured that in our hands your development will be the talk of the town. We work any and every area in Perth and have a team of skilled marketing experts, print designers and web designers to ensure you’re provided with a professional and effective project marketing campaign.

We also assist with strata set-up and organisation. We can co-ordinate your surveying needs as well as pointing you in the right direction to have your off-plan contracts drawn up, your 3D Images created and of course, your development built.

We’d love to chat, so if you think you’d like to have your next development marketed the Benadé Helman way, then give us a call today.